About Us


At Quickshaws we’ve been crafting tailor-made tours of Sri Lanka since 1950. With over 60 years of experience we know this country intimately and specialize in creating experiences that perfectly match the interests, tastes and budgets of our diverse clients. Hidden waterfalls in the Knuckles range, a simple temple with beautiful carvings on an island off the coast of Jaffna, half-forgotten frescoes still vivid a thousand years after they were craved on the roof of a remote temple. Every one of our tours is infused with our deep knowledge of the island, attention to detail and passion. Because, six decades after we organized our first tour, we are still awed and inspired by the island we call home.


Our passion is for Sri Lanka’s ancient history. The island boats 3000 years of civilization with historical sites that aren’t second to those in Burma, Cambodia, or Guatemala – the largest of Sri Lanka’s 2000 year old Buddhist stupas are comparable in size to mid-sized egyptian pyramids. Our tours bring this history to life – stroll through the pleasure gardens of a 5th century prince, meditate in monastic cave sites used for millenniums, trek through the jungle to moonlit royal baths – you can trace the rise and fall of a hundred kings with Quickshaws

About-us Safety

63 years with a outstanding recod of safety and reliability. Our drivers are the best in business, the hotels we work with are long-term partners and we ensure they conform to our high standards. The same is true for every one of our activity partners – we work with only the best and our records speaks for itselfs.


Dating from just a few years after the colonial period we have an intimate of knowledge and monuments from that era. We believe that in its sprawling colonial villas and bungalows, still functioning colonial-era clubs, hotels and plantations Sri Lanka has preserved more of its colonial history than any other nation in Asia and we delight in sharing this heritage with you.


We are fascinated by this island’s colourful past but we are also firmly focused on the future. We’ve seen Sri Lanka’s tourist industry grow and mature and we’ve grown with it. Today we work with edgiest boutique hotels and adveture sports specialists –  kayaking down the Mahaweli, Kite Surfing in Kalpitiya, Surfing at Arugumbay, wafting over the Sigirya fortress in a hot air balloon –  there is no island experience we can’t deliver.